A URL to the LinkSet document for the resource.

Principle: I

Rationale: FAIR data or metadata typically do not exist in a silo - they can and should be connected to other digital resources. FAIR principle I3 asks that these connections or references are “qualified”, that is to say that the nature of a relationship to another resource is clearly indicated. For instance, subsequent versions of metadata or digtial resources can be linked to prior versions using a named relation such as “prior version”. Data items, such as a named city "e.g. Maastricht" should be linked to cities in a global repository such as Wikidata or GeoNames. Such connections can be specified in a formal document called a LinkSet ( To satisfy this metric, provide a URL to the LinkSet document for the resource.


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A set of metrics to assess the FAIRness of digital resources. Based on work published in https://www...

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